Friday, 27 January 2012

American Catholics need the grace of God!

I am not a particular fan of Michael Voris of Real Catholic.TV, but if he is correct here then the bishops rebelling against Obama have a real fight on their hands with little support. As I listened to this I was remembering the last significant anniversary of Humane Vitae and the lack of notable public announcements from either the English/Welsh Catholic press or (sadly) our bishops. If Catholics in the UK were challenged on this - to the extent of being subject by law to foster contraception - would we fare any better? I think it's an important question. I know some people do not accept the apparitions at Garbandal; I do. I remember the visionaries relating that Our Lady was not very impressed with a priest who attended the "apparitions" because he disagreed with the Pope's encyclical. Incidentally, those apparitions are still open to study and there have been some interesting developments there of late - of which I am sure we will hear more later.

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  1. I am not a fan of Michael Voris either. Some of his videos I can stomach but others not so much. I guess it's his delivery of tone that puts many people off along with some of his videos which can really spiritually damage the faithful. His most recent video on St.Francis of Assisi in particular.

    I often dont like pointing out the disobedience of priests to God's Church particularly when its something I need to focus on myself. But just this morning at Mass the local redemptorist priest just ignored the whole new translation of the mass and went on as usual. It's this kind of disobedience that really harms the Church as a whole though. I can see where Our Lady was coming from as Obedience is of utmost importance to Her and Her Son Jesus.