Wednesday, 7 December 2011

“Even when a child is just touched in passing by an adult, it can affect them.” Contingency lawyer Marci Hamilton quoted in magazine, "U.S. Today"

I don't know if any of the readers of this blog know of this one (These Stone Walls). Please take a look at the current post there. When there may be some American lawyers deliberately targeting the Catholic Church for reasons that are not necessarily connected with justice (I do not say this of Marci Hamilton), and where simply brushing up against a child could be interpreted as some kind of assault (?), we are in some sort of "end game". Now we can understand why some priests are nervous near children. The bishops need to speak out about such things and reaffirm their priests. There is an evil being behind all of this - the abuses as well as the manipulation of those crimes in an attempt to ruin the Church. The attack against the innocent - innocent children above all, and vulnerable adults - but also the innocent who have been falsely accused - is the work of Satan. I have said before that this problem needs the assistance of exorcists and those who are involved in the deliverance ministry. It also needs statements from the bishops reaffirming the beauty and the dignity of the priesthood. Some will point out that those statements have been made, but I do not think they have been loud enough.


  1. It would not be surprising if the commentator, who is so concerned about the effect on a child of a passing touch, is also an advocate of killing inconvenient children before birth.