Sunday, 27 November 2011

New translation: renewed liturgy?

Here is an interesting post about the introduction of the new translation of the Mass in a U.S parish. It asks an important question - should the new translation mean a new style of celebration? Judging from some of the comments made by the Holy Father on his visit to England, the answer is "yes". The new translation is very much seen by him as an opportunity to revisit the way we celebrate the Liturgy. Those things mentioned in the above blog (Creative Minority) will have to be dealt with. Though I would argue (and it has been confirmed) that priests are still free to use their own words in introducing the Penitential Rite and the Our Father, I believe it goes against the spirit of the new translation to do this unless absolutely necessary (in small children's Masses etc).

We simply have to grasp the nettle here. There are some things we have been doing which should now stop. What is the point of having a more solemn language if we are going to continue with the banality we had before?

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