Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Music for battle! Great film themes.

I celebrated a votive Mass of the Martyrs of England and Wales today. In the new Missal the Welsh and English martyrs are now separated and today is actually for the Welsh martyrs. Whilst I am not sure of the reason for separating the two given that the English and Welsh bishops are part of the same Conference and hence, English and Welsh Catholics should have a sense of being part of the same "family", I know that the texts I used today will be changed somewhat in the Missal I hope to receive this week. Below is music for battle. The wonderful theme music for "El Cid" (one of my favourite movies). I remember, in the film, a scene where the exiled Cid is discovered by some soldiers who have gone in search of him, to follow him. He has just been reconciled with Germaine his bride. As they stand there in the wind before the soldiers who beg for his leadership, she cries out "Why! Why!" and the Cid replies, "For Spain! For Spain!" I want to say, "For Christ! For Christ!"

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