Friday, 21 October 2011

Death of Gaddafi - news reports sickening!

I wonder if I am in a minority. I find the news reports of Gaddafi's death sickening. Yes, the man was dangerous. I believe he was actually psycho-pathological so calling him evil has to be weighed against the possibility of a serious personality disorder. He certainly should have been brought to trial. Justice is not properly served, in any sense, by someone shooting him in the head. The news reports in newspapers and on the TV have sickened me because the death is so obviously murder but because of his crimes this can be called other things. Certainly, glorying in those awful and degrading pictures of a dying and then dead man is itself "evil". There is nothing to be gained by dancing on a man's grave, as it were. Those who shout cries of revenge or who justify a quick shot to the head are not behaving in a just or virtuous manner. People who behave like that, without being mad, are in no position to pass judgement on anyone else. I pray for the Libyan people and their country, and I pray that the shedding of blood, the violence and the pride with which so many have fired their weapons will not lead them into another civil war.

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  1. I will be able to comment more fully after Tuesday when I have been to my Middle East studies class. The whole set of 10 lectures by WEA is fascinating, but people have some very funny ideas! The Palestinian/Israeli conflict was also solved by me single handed! Well, it is suprising that so many people do not know the source or the row , that is Abraham and the Covenent to the 12 Tribes, one person even thought Abraham was a Jew!