Friday, 23 September 2011

The One World Government - a real threat or a crackpot theory?

This is one the books I am reading at the moment. It is not easy to get hold of and is expensive on Amazon. I got mine from the St. Paul's Bookshop in our diocesan centre. I have not paid much attention to the idea of the One World Government until just recently - and I cannot remember what made me think about it and why I thought I should investigate it, but I am also reading about Masonry. Looking at the present financial crisis in the world, and thinking also about some recent worrying signs relating to events in the Church, I thought I should seek out a good book, and this is certainly that. It is extremely well-researched and I recommend it to anyone who wants to gain some insight into what is happening in the world today. I now believe that there are some powerful people working towards the OWG who are also, at least partly, behind the present economic crisis. All the relevant facts - supported by documentary evidence - are in this book.

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