Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Evil TV?

Is television evil? Apparently St. Elizabeth Seton, in the 1800's, had a repeated vision of the 20th century in which she saw a black box through which the devil entered people's homes. Does this mean that the TV itself is evil? Since St. Clare is the Catholic patron saint of television (is this official?) and we have EWTN, obviously set up under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit (read Mother Angelica's biography), I do not think we can call the box itself evil. However, it has certainly been used - and is being used - by satan. Christians who work in the Media, and especially in TV have a battle on their hands and they need our prayers. The TV can be used for good, and turning off completely may not be the answer because then we simply hand the territory over to the evil one.

For some, the TV is a curse and needs to be curtailed or unplugged. I am rapidly approaching the cut-off point. When I think about it, why should I allow people to enter my house - and my mind - with sentiments and images that I should find deeply offensive and demeaning? By what right do they gain entrance? Who are these pundits who peddle a false morality and draw people into their net with so many false promises? Why should I allow a voice into my room which tells me that I need a new this or that - or that I should go here or there, or be the kind of person that the world will admire (without reference to God or Truth)?

I was brought up with the TV. My family was one of the first on the street to own one (just after the war). I was also brought up with the Cinema. TV was a constant companion - and I soon came to love it. In those days most programmes were relatively harmless. Some were excellent and some very educational. Admittedly there are still some good shows, but something else has happened. Gradually evil has taken over. Not always in an obvious way, but in insidious ways - worming its way into our conscious and, no doubt, subconscious mind, leaving images and words that haunt the imagination and can be used to frame temptations of one kind or another.

I do not think that turning off completely is the answer, but for me, in the near future, the TV will be used only for showing DVD's of good, old-fashioned films that truly entertain me without making me feel guilty or slightly unclean. I am fed up with all the rubbish - at last!


  1. I totally agree Father. Added to your list are these pathetic "make over programmes" where people need people to make them look different,otherwise they cannot get on with their lives or have a "DREAM HOUSE" or make utterly revolting meals,because they are so sated with normal food,not to metnion with--as far as I can see anyway--untalented "celebrities" so I have become a grumpy old woman ! I am practically at the total cut off stage myself and only occasionally watch anything at all, occasionally the news which is never very uplifting, or some archeology or historical programme. I do not have any of the other channels anyway. I do my work in the garden and house, walk my dog, and do my writing and styding around a framework of prayer, in blessed silence,

    To have these dreadful people intruding into your house and space I am sure is a harmful and, as you say, evil influence


  2. Is "money is the root of all evil" from the Bible?

    We cannot blame the producers who do market research and offer what the advertisers know will be watched.
    Supply and demand. The unacceptable face of capitalism.
    The Internet is also guilty. This week I have watched a good Catholic man driven off the blog of a national newspaper by commenters with real cruelty.
    It was disgraceful. The man was naive and clearly very distressed. The unacceptable face of the blogosphere which the Holy Father has spoken about.

    The celebrity I imitated as a child was Deborah
    Kerr who made a lovely nun!
    I take it you didn't emulate Spencer Tracy Father?

  3. My TV has a brilliant new channel exclusive to me.

    I sit infront of the set with it switched off and close my eyes; then I imagine a beautiful movie I once saw, or a favorite football game where my team wins for a change, or my favorite singer in concert. It's great.

    The other day I was there with my eyes closed and I was asked: "What's on TV?"

    I replied: "Dust!"

    Got the silent treatment all day and no cooked meals either!!!

    God bless.

  4. Anne...Spencer Tracy - what a great actor. I think I could have a bash at him, but never tried. I can sing a bit like Bing though (got that from my father who likes to sing like him)...Toora, loora, loora.....

    Western on 5USA Friday 3.45-6pm

    Monte Walsh (1970)
    Edited for violence and language.

    "Evocative, painterly and melancholy western"
    Two cowboys are forced to change their way of life in a West that is changing. (starring Marvin and Palance)
    I've not seen it and I prefer the shoot-em-up Westerns but might be worth a try. On early so can't be too bad!

  6. Amen. We haven't had a TV for over a decade, and I'm horrified when I walk into a house where that insidious voice burbles always in the corner. I'd have to add Radio 4 to the list of evil influences. I grew up with that voice of godless intellectual superiority and liberal arrogance burbling away in the house most of the time. And The Guardian newspaper. We really have to cleanse our households of all these lies, especially when there are children around. Don't give the Enemy his opportunity.