Saturday, 2 July 2011

Wonderful version of "O Sanctissima"

Beth Nielsen Chapman's version of this Roman Catholic devotional from her 2004 album "Hymns". I just discovered this on YouTube. It shows that guitars can be used beautifully now and again and that "modern" versions of traditional hymns can sometimes be quite attractive. I am blessed in my parish to have some good young musicians. Until some of them went off to university we had an excellent "group" with a keyboard, violin, flute (who also played the guitar) and a clarinet. The problem with much so-called "modern" music in Church is not the instrument - it's the instrumentalist, and sometimes, poor music.


  1. Yes Fr John. This is lovely. I think it's drums that cause a problem or the tinkling use of the celesta instrument button on keyboards.
    Perhaps your students will get together during the summer vac.