Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Another note about "Anonymous" comments

Like many bloggers I feel I have to say something more about anonymous comments. First of all, if anyone feels the need to be "anonymous" on the blog, I suggest contacting me by email where they can give their real name and allow me to dialogue with them. I can think of only one reason why someone might want to remain anonymous and that is because he/she is afraid of what someone else who might read a given blog will think of them or how they may react to them. In that case I suggest contacting me by email. I do moderate comments and have allowed some anonymous ones to be published, but I would much prefer visitors to give a name and, if possible, a link (this is a good way for me to discover other blogs).
Sometimes anonymous comments are sent as a kind of jab or rebuke and are not meant to elicit anything other than some semblance of pain (because some of them are designed to hurt). In my view such comments are cowardly and will not be published.


  1. Laura (a little bit lapsed)26 July 2011 at 04:58

    Father John.

    I am concerned at the reluctant of bloggers to accept anonymous comments.
    On a blog such as Stella Maris which has a well-deserved reputation for sensible ecumenism and being female-friendly, a non-Catholic reader may wish to remain anonymous when commenting.

    I notice the name Anglo-Catholic friend or Methodist friend has been used (which is an anonymous comment) on another blog. These people may not wish to publicise their views which could be read by relatives, ministers etc.
    It is also valuable that other denominations, even other faiths, visit Catholic blogs.

    I am still not sure whether it remains the case that there is no salvation outside the Church but from Pope Benedict's writings, especially on Judaism, it seems this is not the case?

  2. Dear Laura,
    I take your points. Thank you. I will ammend the above post when I have thought carefully about how to do it.