Friday, 17 June 2011

A Wonderful Meeting in an Anglican Church

This is where I was last Wednesday morning; St. Laurence's Church in the village of Falmer in East Sussex. I wish I had the same photo they have on postcards - there is a wonderful pond in front of the church with ducks and swans. I travelled down at the invitation of Canons Gavin Ashendon of Sussex University and Andrew Robinson, the Parish Priest of St. Laurence's. They invited me to address a meeting on the subject of exorcism and deliverance in an ecumenical context. Only a few came, but it was a great meeting and they plan another one in the near future. I very much enjoyed myself meeting some of Gavin's family and seeing Andrew again whom I have met on TLIG pilgrimages.


  1. Father Re: your comment to ACWB
    I am just sending this there.
    "The Google entry seems to need the post title for some reason. He's very new at blogging. Somebody help him please.

    Little Voice: The practice of virtue16 Jun 2011 ... One of the most moving speeches Pope Benedict made during his visit to Britain last year was addressed to school children. ...

    It seems genuine and so nice to see a clean slate so far untainted by blogging bickering.
    Your visit to Sussex sounded very enjoyable and admirably ecumenical. I guess the small congregation reflects our ignorance and fear of the topic?
    Best Wishes.

  2. I was interested to hear of your visit Father. It looks a lovely church. I do miss our lovely Anglican churches, particularly the pre Reformation. In our area Hartshead Church is worth a visit, it dates back to Norman times and is connected with the Brontes and Robin Hood .The House of the Resurrection at Mirfield is also a lovely place to visit though sadly they no longer have their Commen Day.I used to know Bishop Genders, on the subject of exorcism, he exorcised the Bermuda Triangle when he was Bishop of Bermuda, and was involved in a local case of haunting . In our area also, there was the terrible Ossett case in the 1970's which was, as I am you remember, an exorcism which went wrong.In our own Church Holy Spirit and St Mary's, Halifax, are also beautiful churches.


  3. Reluctant Sinner could do with some help on his subject (22/6). The complications of the mystical experience could do with a little of your light on the situation.