Thursday, 30 June 2011

"Quo Vadis" (Memoria of the First Holy Martyrs of Rome)

Here is Peter Unstinov as the Emperor Nero in the 1950's film of "Quo Vadis". I understand that the book on which it was based was well researched by the author, Henryk Sienkiewicz. Here is a piece on it from the blog Tea at Trianon. I understand there is a modern version of the film. Though the novel received accolades, the 1950's film now looks quite dated. For my money the best Roman epic film of all time is "Gladiator"


  1. What is the lovely statue and what was the picture before?
    I like portrayals of Our Lady that are dark-haired, Middle-Eastern in appearance. The new one is more traditional, the previous one was like a young Jewish maiden, no halo, very human.
    There is a very unusual Stella Maris church in Amlwch, Anglesey by the rugged coast. I visited years ago. There are pictures on the web.
    The island has a special spirituality, a "thin place" I think.
    I long to go again.

  2. Well, Martin, you have me on the spot here. I took both of them off the internet. The new one above is from a church somewhere. I would need to link back to find out. The old one was actually from a painting of the Nativity and is well-known although the artist escapes me. I have been struggling to find a good heading and I always have something in mind, but when it comes to the point of constructing something most of the best pictures are copyright and I do not yet have the facility to create the kind of thing I want - still, it will do for now I think.

  3. I located a small version of the statue on:

    The page can be translated but doesn't help much to identify the statue but the other picture is intriguing.
    I love the sparkling sea of your header but worry that the shiny statue looks very sad, almost weeping.
    Could the picture go in the side-bar leaving the inviting simplicity of the photograph?

    Googling Star of the Sea, then clicking Images, on page 2 first on right, is a super picture of Our Lady Star of the Sea with dark robes carrying the Infant Jesus.
    My Anglo-Catholic friends tell me that their statues of Our Lady always have the Infant Jesus. I wonder if this applies in all Anglican churches?

  4. Thanks Martin. I keep changing the header and will have a look at the picture you mention