Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Vassula and Archbishops Seraphim and Jeremias

I have managed to download the other documents regarding Vassula's statement of faith in the Orthodox Church. The two Archbishops are Seraphim (picture at the top) of South Africa and the Ukrainian Orthodox Archbishop, Jeremias Ferens of South America (fourth from the left in the bottom photograph). The statement from the Ecumenical Patriarchate referred to these two men - although not by name, but it must not be thought that these are the only two Orthodox bishops who have accepted Vassula and her writings. This also takes no account of the many Orthodox clergy and laity who read these writings regularly and derive much spiritual nourishment from them. Unfortunately the document from Archbishop Jeremias is only in French, but is easily understood.

Curitiba, 14 juin 2010

Prophète Elie

« La grâce de notre Seigneur Jésus Christ, l’ amour de Dieu le Père et la communion du Saint Esprit soient avec vous tous. »


Je déclare à ceux qui lisent ces mots, que je connais personnellement Mme Vassula Ryden et j’ai participé aux pélerinages oecumeniques ainsi qu’aux retraites effectuées par la «Vraie Vie en Dieu » depuis l’année 2005.

Jai soigneusement lu tous les écris de Vassula, écris qui m’ont beaucoup aidé à ma conversion intérieure et surtout à l’estimation de mon ministère sacerdotal et épiscopal.

La « Vraie Vie en Dieu » a encouragé plusieures conversions non seulement parmi les chrétiens mais aussi parmi les autres confessions, et à cause de cela, les gens sont touchés par l’Amour Divin et vivent réellement une « vraie vie en Dieu ».

De tout ce que j’ai vu et vécu ces dernières années, je n’ai pas trouvé quelque trace de rejet de notre Sainte Foi Orthodoxe de la part de notre sœur en foi Mme Vassula Ryden.

Avec la grâce de Dieu

+ Jérémie

Archevêque de l’Eglise Orthodoxe Ucrainienne de l’Amérique du Sud,

Patriarcat Oecumenique.

From Archbishop Seraphim;

16 MAI 2010

A mon humble avis personnel, la confession de Foi Orthodoxe ci - dessus de Mme Vassula Ryden, est de tous points Orthodoxe.

Avec mes prières et salutations dans l’Amour du Christ,

+Séraphim, Archevêque de Johannesburg et Pretoria.


Archevêché de Johannesburg et Pretoria

Patriarcat d’Alexandrie et de toute l’Afrique

May 16th, 2010

In my humble personal opinion, the above Confession of Orthodox Faith by Mrs. Vassula Ryden is Orthodox in all respects.

With prayers and greetings in the love of Christ,

† Archbishop of Johannesburg and Pretoria



Archbishopric of Johannesburg and Pretoria

Patriarchate of Alexandria and All Africa

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  1. There are some good videos on youtube featuring Vassula. She explains how she started the True life in God ministry (if ministry is the right word?). Just type in Vassula in the youtube search engine and loads of clips come up.

  2. Father John
    I think you over-estimate the abilities of your readers, well me anyway!
    Could you summarise the gist of the french please.

  3. OK, this is a precis: brackets are mine.
    Archbishop Jeremias is saying that the person who wrote these writings ("True Life in God") is known to him personally - Mme Vassula Ryden - that he has taken part in TLIG pilgrimages and retreats made possible by TLIG (the Association). He also says that he has benefited from reading the messages - that they have helped him with his interior life and also in his ministry. He speaks of the good spiritual effect they have had on others and he says that over the years he has found nothing in these writings or in Vassula that go against the Orthodox faith. That is the gist of it.

  4. Please explain the response of an Orthodox commenter on another priest's blog.

    "No Orthodox in his right mind would involve himself in presenting the Pope with very symbol of everything we reject absolutely in the "developed" Papal claims:

    "Receive the tiara adorned with three crowns and know that thou art Father of Princes and Kings, Ruler of the World, Vicar of Our Saviour Jesus Christ on earth"

    What degree of confict is there between RCs and Orthodox and how does this affect the attidude to the mystical tradition in general and Vassula Ryden in particular?
    Thank you.

  5. Marie,
    I must admit I was very surprised when I saw the news about the presentation if that tiara. Pope Paul VI sold the Papal tiara and since the pontificate of Pope John Paul 1 who described himself as "the chief shepherd" we have, with good reason, moved away from considering the Pope as a prince. I am likewise amazed that some Orthodox Christians could have collaborated in this. My view is that somebody, somewhere has misinterpreted the Papal ministry in these times and somebody else somewhere has agreed to a gesture which they do not fully understand (if you can follow me).

    The relations between the Orthodox and the Catholics are changing. When anything changes there are challenges, pain, confusion here and there perhaps, fears and - from some - aggressive reactions. All of this is normal when you consider what the Holy Spirit is doing both through Vassula and through others. Vassula is not the only instrument being used by God for the sake of unity. So many of the "prophets" inside Catholicism and Orthodoxy are having a rough time because of fears, prejudices, ignorance etc. I even suspect that some Orthodox and some Catholics DO NOT WANT UNITY (unless it means either everyone becoming Orthodox as they understand it or Catholic as they understand it). In fact, it seems to me that some Orthodox and Catholics are uniting against Vassula AND unity because they are both afraid of what they might lose and because they do not want to surrender anything, including control, power, position etc. Certainly few people want to admit that they were or are wrong (which is born of both insecurity and pride). Strange that those who are afraid of unity will unite against it! As I have said, there is another issue connected with the rejection of private revelation - especially of this kind - it brings God too close for comfort!

    However, God wants unity, therefore it will happen, and if it does not happen in peace then God will bring it about through travail and tribulation. This is what so many do not understand. For the absolute triumph of Christ in the world over evil, unity MUST come and it will come, one way or another.