Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Do most people seriously believe everything they read in the newspapers?

I did not get excited about these lead tablets. I have long since given up expecting the exact truth from the secular media, be it newspapers, TV or radio - or for that matter the internet. However, sometimes the internet does tell the truth - depending, of course, on who is telling it. A good piece about this particular hoax or fake can be read here. Why are we so gullible, and why do so many rush to jump on bandwaggons or indulge in rash judgement based on what is often half-truth, conjecture and sloppy reporting? When are we going to learn? Yes, sometimes the newspapers do get it right, but my goodness, how often they get things wrong especially where religion is concerned!


  1. You find some good info Father! I never seem to spot these types of posts, so I will rely on you, I think, for concise reporting of true facts!

  2. Thank you for posting this Father, it did indeed sound as if it was too good to be true!

  3. What is it about human nature that wants to deceive and disappoint? Why use God-given creative skills to create a hoax religious artifact?
    What pleasure is gained?
    I wonder if it is a secret sense of power, probably experienced by some-one who craves the attention he/she cannot find otherwise.
    Of course we must not forget the money to be made when we think of the Nag Hammadi codices found in 1945.
    Leonard Cheshire built his life's purpose around the devotion he felt to the Shroud of Turin I believe, but this is one artifact that we cannot yet dismiss.

  4. Indeed, the evidence in favour of the Shroud is now compelling. The latest researches go beyond anything many of us thought possible - even the creation of a hologram of the figure. One astro-physicist has even claimed that the scientific data on the Shroud might revolutionize science itself!

  5. Good Morning Father John

    Do you recall the pictures online of the O Seculo Portuguese newspaper in 1917 reporting on the activities in the Cova da Iria, Fatima?
    Many went to mock and came away, at the very least, mystified. That is why scientific studies such as you mention in relation to the Shroud are so valuable.

    Although the final event at Fatima was also witnessed some 20 miles away there are still efforts to explain the phenomenon physiologically ie the reaction of the retina etc.

    In discussion of these events and the mystical tradition in general I try to use what scientific knowledge we have including research such as John Haffert's work recorded in MEET THE WITNESSES when he interviewed 200 people present at Fatima on Oct 13 1917.

    Please could you specify the material you mention on the Shroud (Hologram etc).
    Thank you.

    How much more valuable it is to debate these matters and not flood the Catholic Blogosphere with quarrels between "liberals" and "traddies" over 'angels on a pin-head' issues.
    Warmest regards

  6. The information on the Holy Shroud comes from a new film, "The Fabric of Time" which I saw on the Gospel Channel and then found on Amazon. I recommend it. It contains the very latest studies and some of the comments from scientists are breathtaking.

  7. Before interest waned after the carbon dating of the Shroud an excellent video was available called THE SILENT WITNESS.
    The Anglican priest John Robinson was featured and others. I wonder if you also obtained a copy of this at the time. I found it very moving, particlarly the images of the possible radiation element of the Resurrection event

  8. Lydia, I did not have a copy of that film, but I remember it. In fact I was one of a group of ministers etc invited to a showing of the film in Leeds. It was an excellent film and very moving. One reason I remember it is that I lost all my church keys in the cinema! (I was a curate at the time - the PP was very understanding though probably heaved a big sigh when he closed the door of his room!)