Sunday, 27 March 2011

Missa Cantata in York Minster

I was one of the priests "in choro" at the Missa Cantata in York Minster yesterday (March 26th). There is a report on the Leeds LMS bog The Mass was celebrated in honour of "The Pearl of York" - St. Margaret Clitherow. She is one of my favourite saints, and is a special saint for the priesthood and, as we were reminded by the excellent homily, the patron saint of the mothers of priests. It is always moving to hear the sentence passed on St. Margaret. Her death was horrifying and terribly undignified. Apart from the actual method of execution, her womanhood was dreadfully abused and denigrated. She remains one of the chief inspirations of my priestly life. Many thanks to the LMS, the Dean of York and the wonderful choir.

There is an excellent article about St. Margaret on this blog. Please continue to pray for priests.


  1. Thank you for this.
    One hopes that the intensity of Margaret's faith will have had physiological effects rendering the torture bearable until her release in death.
    I used to be a member of the Churches Fellowship for Psychical and Spiritual Studies even publishing on the children of Fatima.
    At that time there was no criticism of open discussion or enquiry into any discipline to throw light on the phenomenon. I do not recollect intolerance towards the mystical tradition. As you will know, there are elements in the Fatima message that do not always sit happily with orthodox theology.
    I send you my very best wishes. It is concerning to read of Catholics denigrating attempts to be open to these matters in a serious academic way.
    In my opinion it is, perhaps. fear of stepping briefly outside the structure of Church teaching.

  2. That was a careful, nuanced approach on the ACWB today. Bringing Sr Lucia into an article always appeals also.
    Perhaps another, at a later date, on great women like Margaret Clitherow would be appreciated.

    I am delighted you have contributed and look forward to NOT expecting criticism from this site.

    On the homosexuality problem I lean to the view expressed by a commenter today on A Reluctant Sinner blog but I ticked "don't know"!