Saturday, 12 February 2011

The Strange Case of Henry VIII

If you are interested in the English Reformation or the Tudors, you may like to read the comment left on my earlier post about Henry VIII left by one of the authors (Kyra Kramer) of the original article discussing his health problems and how these might have affected his decisions. See below in the comments on the earlier post on the health of Henry. She asks the question that if Henry did have mental health problems at the time that he broke with Rome how would that affect the way the Catholic Church views him. Another question is how would it affect the way Anglicans and Protestants view the English Reformation, and again, how does it change our approach to other figures such as Cranmner and the young king Edward.

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  1. An intriguing series of questions. Whatever the truth about King Henry's possible medical condition, it doesn't, alas, alter the chain of events his clearly unbalanced decisions set in motion. We live with them still on both banks of the Tiber - and in the middle!