Saturday, 19 February 2011

Should a "Catholic" School play "Grease"?

Are Catholics winning the war against secular, anti-Christian "morality"? As long as Catholic schools put on shows and plays which are actually anti-Christian, I would say not. In my diocesan newspaper there is a report of a well-known Catholic college putting on the musical, "Grease", which glamorises teen pre-marital sex and projects an anti-Christian view of young women. "Grease" is often seen as harmless fun. It is very far from that. The messages (not just about sex) embedded in this musical about adolescent self-indulgence and exhibitionism are not just "good fun". At the (unseen) heart of this musical is the unspoken acceptance of contraception. Forget that it is set in the 1950s; it is a modern musical in that it would never have been allowed on the U.S. stage in the 50's - at least not outside New York. I expect this post will cause someone to say something like, "get a life", but, in my view, it is precisely this lazy moral lassitude that has got us where we are with so many young Catholics living together, on the pill, using condoms, giving birth out of wedlock etc, etc. Isn't it time the Church put its house in order in this area?


  1. Yes you are right. It teaches about rebellion in the wrong direction. That the two actors are going against the ''norm'' as such. And children therefore think it is ''cool'' to go against the norm. But what children need to know is that the above ''grease'' is the norm. It is the norm to wear mini skirts and exhibit oneself in public. it is the norm to take pills and use condoms and have children outside of wedlock.

    So if we want to rebel and go against the norm, let us teach our children to imitate Christ, the greatest rebel against evil. Who does not go with the norm.


  2. Well said Father.

    The problem for all of us is that we have accepted the world’s view of situations etc as being the ‘norm’. Anything regarded as being against this viewpoint is deemed perverse and intolerant.

    Just a couple of points about the pre-production process though:
    How was the decision to put this production on reached by the Head and teachers at the School?
    Did the School Chaplain realise what the show was about and what was his advice?
    Where were the School governors when this was suggested as a production?
    Did any parents raise any questions when this production was suggested or did they feel that if the School says it is Ok then it must be?

    Has the decline in our Catholic vision become so distorted that we see no wrong in anything except intolerance?

    It seems that a giant millstone is being created and sooner or later this will be placed on the shoulders of those responsible (clergy, teachers and parents) and then cast into the sea.

    It is very sad but we all, in someway, share this responsibility by not being courageous enough and speaking out on issues like this and many others.

    Keep up the good work by raising these points, Father and people will eventually listen (Hopefully).

  3. I agree absolutely.
    I was shocked when I saw this musical put on in a Catholic school about 20 years ago. The message of this show is clear: girl becomes popular by becoming a slut!
    Perhaps one should be equally shocked by the fact that some of our schools are run by people so incredibly stupid that they cannot see the harm in such a show.