Monday, 10 January 2011

The Need for Justice in The Church

I have recently become aware (again!) of the need for justice in the Church and in Christian communities. Because we are fallen creatures, those in authority can so easily fall into the sins of arrogance and abuse. Only God knows how many times someones life or health has been ruined because someone in authority - a religious superior, an abbot or abbess, a prior - or a bishop - has abused his or her authority, hidden behind their religious prerogatives, quoted Canon Law (sometimes without mercy or compassion, in the name of a "necessary" strictness perhaps - and sometimes wrongly) and how many times a person's spiritual life (and general well-being) would have benefited from a more generous and compassionate approach.
I have one particular case in mind which I cannot mention, but in the past I have known of several cases. Of course we can always say that there are two sides to every case, but I am talking about situations where the other side is known to be weak and where there has been real injustice. How can we celebrate the Eucharist, share the Body and Blood of the Lord and even offer each other the Sign of Peace when we are involved in a show of arrogance or even the kind of petulance that can leave someone in tears? Our Lord said, "Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy". The opposite of that is (although He did not say it in so many words) cursed are they who fail to show mercy for they cannot expect mercy themselves. Of course, where mercy can be a choice in some cases, justice must be granted as a right. Real injustice cannot hide itself for ever. Even if it is not revealed in this life, it is always visible to the Father.
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