Thursday, 9 December 2010

What Now?

I missed recent information about the apparent changes to the 2008 approved English translation of the Missal. I found this site on Fr. Finegan's blog, directed there by "Fr. Mildew". One of the comments to the discussion suggests simply using the new Latin Missal. I must confess that I have been thinking about this myself. So far, the process of the English translation has been "bumpy". I thought we had finally arrived at the end of it all, but it seems not. What good any further tinkering will do is beyond me. Who is behind all this messing about? We were told, in this diocese, that we would soon have some DVD material to help with our (clergy) initiation into the new texts. It has still not arrived. If there is no information early in the New Year I shall seriously consider encouraging my parishioners to consider one full Latin Mass a month based on the New Latin Missal. Unfortunately (in this case) we only have two weekend Masses in my parish otherwise I would consider increasing the provision of the 1962 rite. The Catholic Liturgy should not be in this mess. I was ordained in 1975 and have become increasingly uninspired by the Missa Normativa. I am already fed up with waiting for a new English Missal when other countries (including Latin America with all its difficulties) seem to have had theirs for some time. Where will it all end?

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  1. Relax! dear father. If the mass is celebrated in a way that is pleasing to the Sacred Magisterium, then it is pleasing to the Lord. For the Lord Loves obedience to his church officials. I'm sure your ethusiasim about the new missal would be pleasing to him nonetheless.

    Latin or English I'm excited about it. Whatever way it is celebrated I'm confident ( I think ) that it is the Mass and pleasing to Lord.

    Pax et bonum