Sunday, 17 October 2010

Mother Assumpta Long O.P. and the Sisters of Mary, Mother of The Eucharist. A Sign of Hope after "The Lost Generations"

Mother Assumpta is the Prioress General of The Dominican Sisters of Mary Mother of The Eucharist. This religious community was founded by Mother Assumpta and three other Dominican sisters in 1997. I watched Mother speak on EWTN at the "Family Celebration" focusing on the life and accomplishments of Mother Angelica (still with us, thank God).

In the question time following her talk Mother Assumpta referred to "maybe two generations" which we have lost in the Catholic Church because of bad catechesis. I know this is one of my constant refrains, and some people will be getting sick of it, but I really do believe (and I know others do) that this is one of the major problems we face in the Church today, and we have a moral obligation to put right what went wrong. We cannot cure something unless we are convinced that there is a problem. Pretending that the damage of the last 30 years will somehow just evaporate, or that we can quietly forget about it, is not only dishonest and cowardly, it is irresponsible. Those who value the Catholic Faith know that there is still work to do. Mother Assumpta is optimistic; she believes that there is already a "turn around", and like many others she looks back to the life and work of Pope John Paul 11, when orthodoxy became exciting. Her sisters are teachers as well as pray-ers. Look at the extraordinary mother house they have built and the unique and beautiful chapel. Look at the age of some of these sisters. This is one of the new religious orders that is bringing hope back to the Church. The Holy Spirit is rebuilding His Church.

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  1. I'm hoping to join their community next August! :)