Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Patricia Neal RIP and One of the most evil films ever made

The actress Patricia Neal has died, aged 84. She was the ex-wife of the writer Roald Dahl and won an oscar for her part in the film Hud. She won admiration for her determination to work and enjoy life after a serious and debilitating stroke. She died of lung cancer. In the 1940's she was part of one of the most evil films ever made; The Fountainhead.
If you get the chance, I urge you to watch it. It brings to mind the phrase, "The abomination of desolation" which I have always believed centers on the exaltation of man without God. Interestingly, both Patricia Neal and her co-star Gary Cooper (with whom she had a relationship - and then an abortion!) became Catholics in later life; "Man proposes, but God disposes".

Watch the trailer for the film and then the interview with the writer Ayn Rand. I think it may chill your blood. This kind of militant atheism reminds us of the more pathetic kind we get today from intellects that seem like pygmies compared to her. The roots are the same, and they go all the way down to Hell.

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