Thursday, 12 August 2010

Papal Rip-Off?

This is a wooden rosary from the Papal "Rip-Off" site. In my parish you would pay no more than £4.00 for this (or even a bit less). On the official souvenir site they are charging £10.00. Presumably because of the connecting medal (!). In conscience I cannot recommend my parishioners to buy any of the items presented on that site. The tea shirts are very expensive. There are a couple that look OK but they cost too much. There is a cheap waterproof with the Papal visit logo going for £45.00 for which you could buy a fairly decent waterproof in Marks or somewhere else. This will do us no good. All this has already been ridiculed in the press. This is another major gaff by the organisers. Fortunately the Pope's visit will override all this rubbish.

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