Sunday, 24 January 2010

The Emptiness of "Avatar"

I went to see Avatar last week. I saw it in 3D. The effects, the photography, the technological acheivements of the film, are stunning. The story is basically the same as Dances With Wolves, and the characters are comic book, cliche-ridden, predictable and, in some cases, laughable (in my opinion). I recognised character types from the Alien films, and from numerous now boring adventure-blockbusters. Religion is a major part of the story, but it is less interesting than the religion hinted at in Dances With Wolves. Here we have a mix of New Age nonsense, Pantheism and Paganism. The last 15 minutes of the film are unbelievable and contain five minutes of emotional twaddle.
Ultimately, this expensive, much-hyped technological marvel is empty. I would much rather watch a good English black and white crime thriller with some good character acting or an old John Ford movie. In my opinion, once you get over the incredible effects (they are impressive)Avatar becomes annoying, then boring, then sickening. Sorry Avatar fans. I have tried to be fair.


  1. I am surrounded by Avatar fans gushing praise. They should pray the Rosary,they won't be so easily impressed then! I haven't seen it yet mind,so maybe should with-hold judgment. I just know I am going to be remembering your words when/if I do, though.

    "I would much rather watch a good English black and white crime thriller with some good character acting"

    I agree with you Father, I love B+W films..

  2. Well, "Sahdowlands" you may take a different view, but most reviews I have seen have spotted the "Dances with Wolves" connection. Some people have come away from it being depressed because they are so disatisfied with their lives, but I felt a bit depressed because if this is considered by so many people to be the best the cinema can offer now, we are in dire straights.

    "Ravier". I approved and published your comment, but when I looked at my blog it was not here, and I have not been able to recover it. Sorry, this is a mystery.