Monday, 7 December 2009

Global Warming Again

Just in case recent news reports are encouraging anyone to start believing the theory of man-made global warming, here (hopefully) is a video of Alan Carlin, a scientist who was almost silenced last year when he presented a report questioning some of the so-called "science" behind that theory. The link is;


  1. Yet another Catholic blogger to be rightly sceptical of all this climate scaremongering. Well done, Father.

    There seems to be a strong link between bloggers who hold to the Magisterium and a sceptical stance towards so-called anthropengic global warming.

    I wonder of there is a link on the other side between a belief in AGW and scepticism towards the Magisterium?

  2. Father,
    If you don't already know about this site, it's well worth going to: