Monday, 21 December 2009

An Extraordinary Talent - Susan Boyle

I have been battling a virus which keeps receding and then reminding me it has not gone! So I decided to wrap some Christmas presents this morning whilst listening to Susan Boyle. What a remarkable talent! She is not the greatest singer in the world, but there is something very special about her. Frank Sinatra was reckoned to be a great singer because of his "phrasing" ( I suppose it's akin to timing in a comedian or pace and pausing in an actor or reader of poetry).
Susan has an ability to "phrase" her songs, and this, in my opinion, is what makes her, potentially, of great note.
I am not advertising her CD, merely sharing my appreciation of a natural talent. She says that she wants to help others with the money she has made. A shopping spree is not on the cards apparently. She says she is happy she can now buy her family home. I just hope she is not spoilt by all the usual celebrity garbage!


  1. I shall say a prayer right now, for you to feel better Father.

  2. Thanks very much. That's very kind of you. Thank you also for your recent posts about vulnerable priests. I lived with two alcoholics at different times (in the same house), one of whom died at the age of 40, his body being ruined. The other had great courage and is still going strong. But I have found out since that another priest who I knew from that same parish was also an alcoholic, and another (in the same house)had other, rather serious, problems. It is all very strange in a way because I was told that that particular presbytery had been named "Heartbreak House". Perhaps it needed exorcising!

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  5. Re viruses, Fr, try the free linux based operating system Ubuntu, i use it for browsing and emails and as far as i know there's no viruses to worry about.