Sunday, 25 October 2009

Bishops' About to Move?

Apparently (according to the Sunday Telegraph), the Bishop of Chichester (above) and the Bishop of Fulham have declared their willingness to become Roman Catholic priests. If this is really true, and it happens, it will mark a historic turning-point in the history of Christianity in Great Britain. These two men, and particularly the first, have a substantial following amongst Anglican clergy and we could expect a reasonably large number of them to follow the bishops. Just how much this would affect lay people is far too early to say, but these are extraordinary times and we could be watching something momentous.


  1. It really is an incredible time to be living in.The opposite of the Deformation(sorry 'reformation').

  2. Interesting times indeed. I don't think many fully understand the implications of what the Pope has initiated. There has been talk that whole Anglican communities in conservative Africa could move into Latin control. On a national level this means the extinguishing of an Anglican presence (as opposed to an Anglican type rite in communion with the See of Peter).