Tuesday, 1 September 2009

On Pilgrimage

I shall be away on Pilgrimage until September 12th, and will then be taking a few days rest before returning to the Parish. I shall be with several hundred others completing a journey in the steps of St. Paul. This is a TLIG ecumenical pilgrimage. These days I am beginning to dread travelling. I can't say it is a sign of age; I have met people older than me who can't seem to stay in one place - they are always off somewhere. To be honest I have no real desire to go anywhere except into the Yorkshire Dales. Perhaps I'll organise an ecumenical pilgrimage to Wensleydale or something. This present pilgrimage promises to be hard and my feet are already killing me!

1 comment:

  1. Dear Fr John, not sure if you will have returned from Pilgimage by now, Sep 23. We await your comments. Do hope the feet survived!
    Blessings, Eileen.