Friday, 23 January 2009

A False Prophet

President Obama is testimony to the true Godlessness of so many in Western society. The hopes of many center around the economy, health and opportunity. Freedom, the cause of the great black marches and the cry of Martin Luther King is not "freedom for all". Obama and his supporters have betrayed Martin Luther King and other black Christian leaders. In celebrating their own "liberty" they have agreed to consign the weakest of the weak - weaker than even the disenfranchised blacks of the '50's - the unborn, to the rubbish bins and the incinerators.

The inauguration of this false prophet is surely one of the darkest days in America's history. I have an image of the angels in the United States standing aghast at the stupidity and recklessness of so many who voted out of pride, fear, ambition and poverty, without recognising they were about to contribute to the impoverishment of their souls and their nation.

Pro-Life activists and groups, the real Catholic Church in The United States, Orthodox Christians, Jewish people and others who are against abortion are now called upon to give of their very best in the fight for the most helpless ones amongst them.

In Great Britain, the godless caverns of the TV companies have spewed out a sickening pro-Obama catalogue of praise. I heard in passing that Obama had somewhere said, "I was not born in a stable!". Dear Lord, can't people see what is going on? After all this time, are so many still so blind?

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  1. To support homosexual marriages and abortion is TRULY A GODLESS MAN!