Friday, 12 December 2008

Over 650 Top Scientists Dissent over Global Warming

Orthodox Net (on the right) has an interesting article about a U.S. Senate Minority report stating that there are now over 650 scientists from around the globe dissenting from the IPCC ( UN Panel on Climate Change) and the so-called "consensus" on global warming.
Apparently the number of dissenting voices is increasing. Since December 2007 when over 400 scientists were quoted as disagreeing with the commonly accepted view (by the Media etc, not by scientists!) another 250 have publicly stated their unease or disagreement with the IPCC.
All 650 scientists are named and quoted in this report. I decided to print it out, but when I realised it was over 200 pages long, I decided to stop at page 66! Even so, there are enough interesting quotes here to keep a lively debate going for some time.
I was always a skeptic about global warming because when I was a seminarian, I was "suckered" (as they say over the pond) into believing that environmental disaster was coming in the 1980's. I started to read up on the environment, and encouraged some of my fellow seminarians (well, four of them actually) to join me in a prayer group to pray for the world! As we all know, most of those things that were predicted for 1984 (to give a symbolic year) did not happen. We were supposed to be suffering massive world-wide drought, and a new ice-age. Now we are told that we will all be cooked!
See the poor bear in the picture? What they don't tell you is that the ice cap is actually increasing in depth and that the melting of the edges is not all that unusual given the history of the planet and high temperatures recorded in past centuries. Perhaps this bear is just showing off.

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  1. Global warming is a joke :)...The earth being a spherical body and Conservation of Energy can easily explain the rising and cooling of Temperatures :)